Welcome to our FAQ page!  Here you will find directions to the studio (kinda hard to find the front door the first visit), what to expect out of Bungee Fitness, and what to expect for ROW ViGOR classes.  We also have challenges through out the year and will have the current info posted for each of those, too!  If your questions were not answered from the FAQs, feel free to reach out to us directly.

How to find Total Movement Fitness:

Total Movement Fitness is located in warehouse building off Industrial Lane in Broomfield.  Our address is 2400 Industrial Lane, 2000D, Broomfield, CO 80020.  When you locate the addres, drive to the back of the parking lot.  Once you see a set of dumpsters, veer to the right where you'll find a large parking lot with Colorado Security Services vehicles.  Park where you like!  Look for the set of double glass doors near signage of the other tenants - South Entrance.  Go upstairs, go right at the hallway and our entrance is just passed the drinking fountain.  Be ready for Bella to greet you! 

What is bungee fitness?

Bungee Fitness is a new, fun way to work out with minimal impact on your joints. Anti-Gravity fitness programs are great for balance, stability, strength training, and endurance. We use industrial grade bungees and harness that can support up to 400 lbs.


Who can do bungee fitness?

Anyone can do bungee fitness! We cater to all fitness levels and capability, ages 16 and up. Our classes can be modified to decrease or increase the level of difficulty for each participant.


What do I need to do to prepare for Bungee Fitness?

Every new client is required to take the Bungee Basics Class prior to any Bungee Fitness class.


What can I expect in the Bungee Basics class?

A certified bungee instructor will go over basic terminology and movements to acclimate you to the feel of the harness and bungees. We will ensure the bungee is at the proper height and that there is an appropriate amount of support and resistance based on your individual weight. Our goal is to help you "trust the bungee" by completing fundamental exercises upon which our bungee fitness classes are based.


What should I wear?

Long pants or leggings are encouraged for both men and women. The harness will wrap around your hips, ribcage and thighs. Lace up gym shoes are required (NO slip on, flip flop or sandal type shoes allowed).  The harness also tends to ride up the backside of your shirt so a longer shirt is also advised.


How long are the Bungee Fitness classes?

Each Bungee Fitness class is approximately 45 minutes in length. You will be guided through a dynamic warm up, full workout in the bungee system, and end with cool down and stretch.


How do I make a reservation for Bungee Basics?

All of our classes are listed on our website. Select the date and time you would like to reserve. The system will request you to create a member profile and then you will be able to make your reservation.



We look forward to seeing you in a Bungee Fitness class soon!