Would you trust just "anyone" with your fitness training?

Oct 25, 2016

 by Tonya Mecum

Today, we have so much information at our finger tips. In fact it may even be considered information overload. Want to learn how to cook your favorite meal the Tuscan region of Italy?  No problem!  Want to figure out what that bump is on your leg?  Here you go!  Want to learn how to crochet a perfect blanket – BAM! 

But what about how you take care of your body?  When you have an ache or pain, you probably go to the doctor.  That doctor has been trained for up to 8 years to troubleshoot your illness based on a series of symptoms you express.  The doctor can prescribe you medication to help your condition.  Your doctor can refer you to a physical therapist or an allergist or an internal digestive specialist.  Doctors have several resources to farm you out so you can get the specialized care you require.  

Now – what about your fitness?  Unfortunately, the fitness industry is not regulated at all.  Did you know that you can hire a personal trainer that has absolutely NO EXPERIENCE?  Now, at face value, that might not be too scary.  But let me list out the type of clients I train:

  • 48yr old woman who has low blood pressure, becomes light headed when there are too many exercises in a row that require going low and then jumping high
  • 38yr old woman who has sever asthma and has had several surgeries to help her breathe
  • 68yr old man who has high blood pressure and a knee that needs to be replaced
  • 36yr old woman who has Lupus which causes her sever pain if she works too hard on days she hasn’t had enough sleep
  • 56yr old man who has concerns with liver health, heart disease, and has an elbow with a chipped bone

Could you imagine if an uncertified trainer attempted to push any of these clients too hard?  Trainers can absolutely do more harm than good if they aren’t careful.  In fact, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen trainers on their cell phone or chatting it up with other trainers meanwhile their client is struggling to maintain good form or breathe or even really know what they are supposed to be doing.  I also see bootcamps being run in parks by “coaches” who have no training experience or education.  IT SCARES ME!!  



Withouth proper form you can tweak a knee – which leads to surgery.  Withouth proper form you can throw out your back – which leads to days off from work and a paycheck.  Withouth proper form and technique you can literally pass out or faint – which leads to a trip to the ER. 

So next time you decide to jump in to a “free” workout – please do me the favor and ask if you will be trained by a CERTIFIED trainer.  I promise, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

And if you’d like to train with a pro – let me know!! I’m here to help!