When you compete, what kind of competitor are you?

Apr 10, 2017

 by Tonya Mecum

It’s Sunday night, the ending round of the 2017 Masters.  I’m watching the two leaders prepare for a Play Off.  Justin Rose and  Sergio Garcia played exceptionally well.  I caught the last 4 holes.  My knowledge of golf is minimal. I enjoy the sport, I love the days I have a chance to play.  The game of golf is such a mindgame…wouldn’t you agree?  I watched these two gentlemen go back and forth, stroke for stroke (phrasing). I admired how the two encouraged one another and cheered for one another.  It made me curious.  In a society of “get-a-trophy-just-for-trying” what happens when competition enters life?  Whether it’s going for the promotion, rooting for your favorite team, or simply trying to out-do your Aunt Cheryl’s apple pie dessert this year at Mother’s Day brunch there will be time when you get the twinge of competition in your belly.  How do you use that energy?  



If you watch any reality shows, you’ll see that competition is not very friendly. The scheming. The backstabbing. The lying. YUCK! 

If you watched Super Bowl 51, you saw some really mean and ugly posts about opposing teams.  It was as if some of these fans were on the team, on the field, and litterally feeling every hit and score.  They were obnoxiously aggressive in defense of “their” team.  It happened on both sides – I’m not calling anyone out :)  So many emotions! 

This afternoon, as I watched The Masters, what caught my attention as I watched Sergio Garcia begin to take the lead, I noticed how humble and classy Justin Rose was as a courtesy to Sergio.  He stayed back as Sergio walked up to the green.  Justin was very congratulatory to Sergio.  Sergio earned his Master’s Title.  Justin recognized he was being outplayed.  Great sportsmanship.