Life is worth living- Embrace Change

Feb 19, 2018

 by Tonya Mecum

With the barrage of commercials and online ads about how you should look, how skinny you should be, how many meal plans you should follow, or even which clothes you should be wearing – it can feel very overwhelming!  As a trainer, there are some days where I practically LEAP out of bed in anticipation of the day…then there are other days where I am dragging myself out from under the covers hoping that my ancitipation for the day doesn’t get the best of me. The beautiful part about either situation is I always make it out of bed! 



As a small business owner I have learned to embrace change. Maybe I deal with change well because as a child we moved around…a lot!  My mom is a master at getting offices organized.  She would always be called in when there was an office in disaray, which provided us the chance to see different areas of Northern California. It walso meant that I needed to learn how to get along with new people in new environments and learn how to fit in.  I learned how every town had its own culture. Every town had its own personality.  But every town had the same circle of girls who wanted to chase boys, had a group of kids who loved playing kickball, and had a group of kids that would sit on the sidelines or in a corner of the lunchroom.  And, even if I was the new kid, I always found a way to befriend the kids who didn’t quite feel they belong.  Maybe it was because I had no “place” in the heirarchy of cliques so I could relate.  Or maybe it was because I saw the same teasing everywhere I went, and I never wanted then nor now for anyone to feel left out.  

I feel the same about my fitness business.  EVERY PERSON has the right to feel good about exercising.  That’s why I’ve decided to become an Embrace Your Body Movement Ambassador!  Why is that important for you?



The beauty of my job is seeing everyone light up when they’ve found something they were able to do that they couldn’t 6 months ago.  Change is a part of life, yet so many fear change.  It could be the fear of having to make better decisions which puts a spotlight on all of the past poor decisions made.  It could be the idea of having to let go of something that was so comfortable (goodbye french fries!) but oh so bad for you.  But without trying…you’ll never know!  

Life is worth living.  Life is worth exploring new ideas, new activities, new friendships.  We only get one life in this world.  Small changes can add up to big results.  Change allows you to grow.  Change allows you to open your mind.  An open mind helps keep a positive outlook. An open mind is key to success at anything.   You can do it.  Go out. Live a Life worth Living!