Knowledge isn't enough - let me help you learn how to use it!

Jul 28, 2016

 by Tonya Mecum

DATA DATA DATA!! There’s so much of it available to us these days.  From decades old studies that started in the 1950s to real-time data today, we have an abundance of information.  “Knowledge is Power”, right?  Maybe not!  I say that “Knowledge has the potential to be powerful!” but only if you use it.  What do I mean by that?  

Think about the first time you decided to get serious about fitness.  You probably joined a gym, took advantage of the initial personal training session to learn the layout of the gym and how to use some of the equipment.  You chatted about which healthy snacks would be best for you and your family.  You may have even signed up for Weight Watchers or Nutrisystem or Herbalife.  After a few weeks, most likely the initial motivation faded and you went back to your old habits.  But you DID learn how to properly take care of your body, didn’t you?  Did the trainer tell you how many minutes/day/week you should exercise?  Did you learn about how much water, veggies, and protein you should have?  Fast forward to today – did you lose that knowledge or do you still have it?  



Today’s world consists of being on the go from the moment your eyes open until the moment your head hits the pillow.  Wake up, have a cup of coffee, get the kids ready, get you ready, and get out of the door to sit in traffic – on the bus, train, car, etc where you check your emails from the night before.  If you live in a city, your office might be in a high rise where we can walk up some stairs.  Maybe you have a big parking lot where you park as far as possible to get a little walk in to the office.  You make some more coffee, you sit down to check email, suddenly it’s time for lunch.  You’ve been sitting for 4 hrs and your neck is already sore and you can feel a headache coming on. 

You have a great group of friends at work who want to walk and talk during lunch. YAY!


You go back to your desk, make a few calls, grab a snack from the vending machine, visit with a colleaue you haven’t seen in a while and sit to catch up.  The 5:00 bell rings and it’s time to make the trip home.  Sitting.  Stressed out.  Again.

Let’s go back to Knowledge is Power!  You have the knowledge and information to be smarter about your choices.  Meditating for the first 5 minutes before you get out of bed will help set you up for a positive day.  Getting up from your desk every hour to move your body and help get some oxygenated blood flowing through your body.  Snacking every 2-3hrs to keep your metabolism fired up.  Standing at your desk during conference calls so your hips and lower back release.  Drinking water – 1/2 your body weight in ounces to be exact.  Limiting your caffeine intake and ensure you have whole foods for all of your meals and snacks.  Basic stuff, right?  Let’s make a plan!

Being a personal trainer isn’t all about counting sets and reps.  I truly feel blessed to have the opportunity to help change the lives of those who are ready to make a change.  None of us are perfect – no matter how hard we try!  There is beauty in imperfections…please remember that.  We have souls that desire to be a little better than we were yesterday.  We have the power to control the life we desire to lead.  We have people around us who sincerely care about our wellbeing.  Appreciate what you have, where you’ve been, and where you are going!  

Let’s Get Moving!