Joy is all around! Are your eyes open?

Dec 3, 2017

 by Tonya Mecum

I love the holiday season, simply because it feels as though everyone makes more of an effort to spend time together. I have a chance to hear from friends I haven’t seen in months (maybe years). My calendar usually fills up after Thanksgiving and all the way until the first week in January. I become overwhelmed with all of the fun!



On the flip side, many of us are hustling around trying to get everything done – shopping, decorating, celebrating, driving, cleaning, more shopping!!  I often find myself spending far too much time in my head – where should I be headed to next, the list of things I need to get done, the people I need to call, the chores I need to finish at the studio and at home.  Ugh – when my attitude drops I find it much more difficult to finish everything that needs to get done – in fact, I become lazy and complacent.  Oops! What happened to staying in the moment?  

When I am focused on the task at hand, not distracted by the voice in my head, I am always a happier person. I am able to find presents for those on my list without even trying (ta-da!).  I see more smiles on the faces of fellow shoppers instead of the scowls.  I can physically feel the joy others experience when they’ve fulfilled a wish for their loved ones. I notice the elation of the children when they get to take a photo with Santa and his helpers.  So cute!  The positive energy helps me get more done than I expected.  The positive energy motivates me to do more. There is a sense of relief and accomplishment when I can get things done with a smile on my face. 



In the season of giving, this is the time of year to spread love.  In the season of giving, this is the time of year to spread cheer. In the season of giving, it is time to remember that your life is worth having joy. 

Total Movement Fitness isn’t just about counting reps and sets.  TMF is also about maintaining a healthy mindset.  Your mindset determines how your day unfolds.  Your mindset determines the quality of the relationships you have.  Your mindset determines whether you succeed or fail.  Choose joy and watch how much your life changes for the better!

Happy Holidays!