Intensity- are your workouts intense enough?

Oct 6, 2016

 by Tonya Mecum

You know that feeling of excitement when you start something new? Do you get that rush when something that fires you up?  I’m talking about the heat that rises in the back of your neck, that laser focus that has you working a little harder to achieve that new goal.  The days start to fly by…and notice that you FIND the time to get new project done!  That intensity you put yourself through is something that can be achieved in fitness, too!

Understandably, not everyone loves to exercise as much as I do.  My clients have stopped asking me when I worked out because they know that it’s part of my daily routine.  I love the way it makes my body feel, I love the way it clears my mind, I love how strong I feel.  And believe it or not, even I get out of synch with my workouts on ocassion.  There are days when I have to drag myself to the gym and take a little longer to warm up than usual.  For me, that’s ok because I know that it’s just a matter of minutes before I start to feel better!  I also know that the more intensity I have during my workouts, the better my results will be.  By the way – a level 8 intensity one day may not be the same as the next day.  

We all know that attempting to go all out 100% straight out will cause burn out pretty quickly. Therefore, it’s important to start slow, learn the basics, then start to speed up.  So by now in life, you’ve probably all had some level of exercise in your daily ritutal in your past or current life.  Just like learning a new instrument – the first thing you do is learn how to read notes on a piece of paper so that you can figure out where your hands go.  Then, you put notes together.  Then, you begin playing basic songs. Then, you graduate to a more intricate song – something more advanced that challenges you…right?

Same goes for exercise.  If you are just starting out – GREAT!  Begin with the basics – body weight exercises are great.  As you become stronger, you can move on to more advanced moves or add weights to the exercises. If you’ve been working out for a while and nothing is changing, it’s time to amp it up!  I love teaching group classes that include varying degrees of intensity because it gets results!  My Total Movement Method is designed to use both resistance training and cardio bursts for maximum EPOC.  Check out the research that states the best ways to increase your fat burning.  Which one of those types of classes have you tried?

Remember – whether it’s your job, your body, or your relationships -“Change is never a matter of ability, it’s a matter of movation and drive.” – Tony Robbins.

Let’s Get Moving!