How bad do you want to get healthy? Will you do whatever it takes?

Feb 11, 2017

 by Tonya Mecum

Remember when you were just a child, you and your friends started to get involved in soccer or begin playing a new instrument or became a girl/boy scout or whatever new hobby you all wanted to try.  You did it together.  You became slightly obsessed with that activity – researching whoever was #1, practicing for the fun of practicing.  I loved to dance.  Janet Jackson and her Control album had just hit the airways. I loved the hard hits of the baseline, I loved the energy of the music, I loved the message of strength and independence that she sang about.  I had always enjoyed dancing but suddenly, Janet was someone who I wanted to be like and someone I wanted to emulate.  I found my own style based from Janet’s moves – and I practiced all day and night. I drove my parents crazy bouncing around the house and making up new dance routines and then practicing them for hours and hours.  I wanted to be the best dancer in my school – I loved entertaining my friends.  I was taught to always do my best and I knew that practice was the only way to get better.   I still get giddy thinking about how fun it was!



As a teen, I had few responsibilities.  School was my job.  Fast forward to today – my passion is my job. My job is where I am fulfilled.  But there are so many more responsibilities that go along with it. It’s not all about working out for as many hours as possible.  Running a business as an independent owner means there’s a lot of juggling going on.  Managing clients.  Creating new challenging workouts.  Marketing.  Selling.  Supporting.  Improving.  Cooking.  Determining and keeping my brand. Building a following.  Social Media.  Power partners.  Networking.  Cleaning.  Motivating.  



Right now, I’m working two jobs – one of which has nothing to do with fitness.  Many would criticize that I should be focusing 100% on building my fitness business if I want to continue to get ahead.  Typically, I would agree.  However, I’ve hit almost as many clients as I can manage in my current space.  My second job is helping me build the equity I need to become the fitness business I have desired for so long.  The desire wasn’t as strong 3 years ago as it is today.  The desire today is driving me, it keeps me pushing forward, it makes those sleepless nights feel like they are worth something.  And no matter what, I will always give 100% to whatever I am doing.  

Doing whatever it takes right now is an investment in to my future.  Will you do the same for your healthy lifestyle?  How bad do you want it?  Will you invest in your future to become a healthier version of you?  What are you willing to swap out right now for what you want this summer?  Want help?  Just ask,  I’m here ready to help!