Has losing weight and getting fit felt like a monumental task?

Jun 18, 2016

 by Tonya Mecum

Personal Trainers are a great resource for kick starting your weight loss and fitness goals.  That seems fairly obvious, right?  However, even before you hire someone like me, it’s important to think about what is driving you to seek the help.  

Many of my new clients have repeated studies they learned over the years that they believed to be true – such as eating only raw foods will drop 20lbs in 2 weeks or if you only taste the food in your mouth and then spit it out that cravings will soon diminish…or adding peppers to everything will dramatically decrease your hunger.  Thanks Hollywood!   Then there’s the great calorie debate.  We’ve harped on the old adage of losing weight is a simple math equation – calories in to calories out.  WRONG!  Not every calorie is created equal.  I’ll come back to that!

There have been and always will be reports on how to lose weight fast and get the body you’ve always dreamed of.  But what happens after those 2 weeks or 2 months has passed?  Most likely, the weight comes back on with a little more because you’ve not found a lifestyle that is sustainable.  It happens all the time.  It happens to all of us.  It happens until we become in tune with what our body needs vs what our tastebuds want.  I know because I’ve been there.  I’ve never been one to spit out my food – I love food too much to and respect the amount of work put in to a dish.  But I have tried fasting for 2 days or eating grapefruit (bleh!) or popping energy pill to speed up my metabolism.  None of those worked.  It wasn’t until I began to associate what my body needed in order to feel energized after a long day.  It was that simple.  Yes, that simple.  I started paying attention.  I started FUELING my body.  If I was only counting calories, I could justify eating a Big Mac, french fries, chicken nuggets, and a milshake.  I could have my entire days’ calories in ONE sitting.  Where would that leave me?  Sluggish, bloated, grumpy, and restless.  But if instead I had greek yogurt, blueberries, mushrooms, spinach, raspberries, grilled chicken, asparagus, squash, avocado, and an apple – I’d have plenty of fuel for the day AND I’d feel ENERGIZED!  That’s what fueling your body looks like.  In fact, here’s a great list of supernutrients to maximize your weight loss!

And I’m not the only one!  I  read this inspirational article on Women’sHealth.com about Emily Kirkland.  Like many women, when Emily was younger she could survive on one meal a day.  That meal would often be pizza or fast food – whatever was convenient.  One day Emily decided to make a change.  She simply decided.  She found a workout plan she could stick to – 8 min / day of HIIT.  Then she gradually increased her time and how often.  She stopped counting calories and started eating whole foods.  WIthin one year she lost 80 pounds!!  How did she keep up her momentum?  How did she stick to the plan?  She was getting results…and those results felt good enough so she could push herself harder.  Now it’s a lifestyle.


Unless you are a runway model, professional athelte, or competing in a fitness competition – there is NO reason you need to have the “perfect” body!  Focus on YOUR perfect body.  Stay positive.  Stay focused.  And above all…stay on course!  There will be celebrations and failures.  That’s not what defines you.  It’s how you overcome those challenges that defines you.  

Let’s Get Moving!