Does the thought of losing weight feel overwhelming? Focus on just one thing.

Aug 1, 2017

 by Tonya Mecum

Are you one of the many who feel that just the mere thought of losing weight seems overwhelming?  You’re not alone! 

With reports of obesity rates continuing to increase, the good news is that fat-shaming is NOT supported by the common, decent person.  In fact, there is a movement to accept all body shapes and sizes (heard of #IamEbraced?), to respect a person for being a person, and to appreciate how the strong a person’s body is (think about what you put your body through in 24 hrs!).

But can we focus on how to feel good about becoming happier, healthier, stronger versions of ourselves? It really is ok!! In fact, it’s GREAT! 



I’m not here to quote the hundreds of thousands of reports which state that having excess body fat can lead to heart diseases, high cholesterol, cancers, joint problems, and so on…because if you fall in one of those categories or are even on the edge of one of those potential health risks, then you have already been given plenty of reading material.  In fact, some of it can be scary!  

I’m here to tell you that with consistency and with patience you CAN overcome!  Our society has put so much pressure on being perfect.  Maybe I’m around it a little more as a personal trainer – I’m constantly looking at images of women in tiny shorts and sports bras working out and not breaking a sweat.  Or watching men, shirtless getting their “pump” for the day (There are parts of my job that are fun…ha! ). But the part I love about being a trainer to MY clients is how we value being healthy.  In the truest sense of the word.  Oh, and yes they want to feel sexy in their own skin to keep the fire going with their spouses – and that “sexy” comes from within.

This week, I posted in my private FB group that I was going to focus on dialing in my nutriton.  I’ve been overstressed, not sleeping, overthinking, which all leads to poor decisions in the kitchen.  And yes, my body is talking to me about those decisions – my hair is a bit lackluster, my joints are achy, I feel swollen all the time.  I know how bad I feel because I remember how good I felt.  So I decided that for one full week, I would focus on making lunch my bigger meal and having a salad for dinner.  My salad was filled with grilled chicken, tomatoes, avocado, mushrooms, and mixed greens.  And, yes – Ranch Dressing.  YUM!  I needed to remind myself that I am satisfied with a smaller portion sized meal and that it tastes GOOD!  That ONE change has helped me drop a pant size.  I paid attention to my body…and it told me that I was not taking care of it the way it likes to be taken care of.  It rewarded me with less inflammation and more energy.  The mindset shift of being mindless while eating changed to being in the moment while nourishing my body.  

This week I’m focused on maintaining the salad regimine for dinner and adding 2 more workouts to my weekly schedule.  So in two weeks I will have begun to change my eating habits and increase my exercise.  Next week, I’ll focus on something different to add to my weekly change goals.  As I build upon those weekly goals, in one year’s time I’ll have 52 new habits.  Exciting right? But if I had told you from the beginning of this blog that I had 52 habits to create – wouldn’t you freak out and feel anxious just reading that? But by focusing on just one thing each week I will have a pile of success to be proud of.  

If you believe in being healthy and fit but need help getting started, I want you to know that I am here to help.  My clients range in age from 31 – 65 with varying goals among them.  The one constant among them all is to feel healthy.  Find me on FB at Total Movement Fitnessand follow me for more tips to get started.  Let’s Get Moving!