Do you want short term weight loss or lifelong healthy living?

Oct 22, 2016

 by Tonya Mecum

How many conflicting articles have you read about how to lose weight, how fast you should lose weight, how much or how little you should/need to exercise, or how much water is the right amount of water daily?

The other day I attended a networking event where there was a health coach talking about her new technologies to help the group lose up to 40lbs in 2 months.  As I looked aorund the room, only 1 or 2 people had that kind of weight to lose.  The health coach continued on about how her new technologies would provide you plenty of energy.  She demonstrated a gadget that looked like a large wobbly stick you could grip in the middle.  She claimed that 2 minutes of exercise a day was all that was needed on this wobbly stick.  Her meal plan allowed for up to 3000 calories per day.  She went on to claim that she had recently dropped 40lbs and removed all sugar cravings, lost any food addictions, and was able to sleep like a baby.  At the age of 72, her metabolic age was 26.  Sound good?  Would you buy in to this product and new technologies?

Personal Trainers are often used one of the tools in the toolbox to use for weight loss.  Personal trainers often see clients more often than nutritionists.  Personal Trainers definitely see clients more often than their physicians.  



As a woman, a Personal Trainer, health coach, and responsible consumer I am outraged by “health coaches” who lead clients to believe that 2 min of exercise is enough, that it’s perfectly healthy to lose 40lbs in 2 months, and that 3000 calories is an acceptable level for the general public looking to lose weight.  I’ve seen the gimmicky stuff on TV or online but never in person. I am certain I wasn’t able to hide my confusion 100% of the time, but I tried my best.  Is it as easy for you to see the delimma as it is for me?  

Let’s step back and think about the fundamentals of living a healthy lifestyle.  The basics.  No gimmicks.  Accepting that if took 5 years to gain the weight, it should take at least a year to get it off permanently because the faster you lose it the faster that weight returns.  Eating fewer calories than you burn in a day (within reason) will help steadily you lose weight.  Exercising for a minimum of 30 minutes a day will help keep your body tuned up and support your daily physical needs.  Sleeping 7-8hrs a night will help your body and brain recover.  Smiling through out the day will help you stay positive.  

But because every body is unique, there are tweaks you can make to any program to address your specific needs.  That is where a personal trainer and / or nutritionist and /or health coach come in.  The person who is right for you will work on understanding your unique needs based on your goals, your daily habits, your injuries, your limitations, your drive, and your support system.  Not everyone has the same goals. Not everyone has the same drive.  Not everyone has the same limitations.  So why do you think a cookie cutter program will work for you?

Don’t get me wrong.  There is definitely a place in the health and wellness industry for simple, easy, replicatable programs and products.  But if you’ve achieved your original goal, what then?  If you change careers and went from working retail standiong on your feet all day to a desk job, will your coach update your program?  If you injure your knee missing a step, how will you modify your workout?

If you are looking for a quick fix, I’m sure you can find 1000’s of them out there.  But if you are looking for a lifestyle change, for long-term success, and to never have to “get ready” because you are already ready all the time then we should talk.  I’m taking 10 clients under my wing for the next 8 weeks to help push through the holiday season so that Jan 1, 2017 is a jumpstart to the year!   Would you like to be one of the lucky ones?  Email me at Tonya@totalmovementfitness and tell me why this is your time, why you have made the commitment to yourself, why a lifestyle will be more beneficial to you than a quick fix?  I’m taking applications through Oct 31.  

Let’s Get Moving!