Bungee is now in Broomfield

Jan 25, 2018

 by Tonya Mecum

Bungee Fitness is all the RAGE! Total Movement Fitness is the ONLY studio in Broomfield to offer classes!!  Have you SEEN a class?

I am beyond excited to bring this new, fun way of working out!  Why am I so excited?  Because it opens the doors for so many people who thought their fitness goals were thrown out the window due to bad knees, bad hips, or even bad shoulders. Now, clients who are strapped in to a bungee harness have the support of the commercial grade bungees. These bungees also provide added resistance so that your core is engaged at all times – trust me, I can feel it! 

Total Movement Fitness is ever evolving!!  And Broomfield has shown to be a great new home for us! How cool would it be if Bungee Fitness made it on Travelocity’s Top 10 Things to do in Broomfield

My goal in bringing Bungee Fitness to Broomfield is not only to help those who need a little added support, but, I also want to introduce something NEW and FUN to those who have gotten bored with the big box gyms.  We all need to change it up a bit!  Crossfit has been a hit, but not a great solution for anyone who is worried about their back or their knees.  Orange Theory has been great but it’s hard to keep up the energy to be there day in and day out.  Heck, even Step Aerobics is back and bigger than ever!  

So many exercises require good balance, strong legs, strong core, and the ability to jump. Often I hear people complain they just can’t get their heart rate up enough to benefit from the workout if they’ve been injured. Then, they simply quit all together.  YIKES!!  Qutting will only make things worse!! 

So if you would like to learn more about Bungee Fitness at Total Movement Fitness – join me for Demo Day on Saturday Jan 27 10am – 1pm!



Let’s Get Moving!