Black Friday- Why wait?

Nov 20, 2017

 by Tonya Mecum

It’s that time of year again!!  Black Friday deals GALORE!  Were you naughty or nice?  Will Santa bring you something special?

Without fail, every year during the holidays I have mixed emotions about how to celebrate.  I often spend it with family or friends so I feel connected.  But, I also get excited about the DEALS that seem to be all around!!  Why does it draw me in?  What is so special about getting a deal?

I remember as a child, my family would head over to my Aunt Ada’s house where she had the most beautiful, tender, and flavorful prime rib.  I only ate prime rib at her house on Thanksgiving…what a treat!  As a family, we would sit in the living room with the football game on and flip through the newspaper ads.  Each of us would tear out what we wanted to search for on Black Friday or hand it to a family member as their hint on what to get us for Christmas.  Soon thereafter a nap would ensue. And then…of course…SECONDS!  I recall always feeling full and happy!  There was no exercising…just eating!

As an adult, it means so much more now.  It is a time to reflect on the year’s accomplishments.  I have the opportunity to spend it with more than just family – because my friends are my family.  I host a Thanksgiving Day workout for FREE!  Now, unfortunately, it feels like Black Friday has turned in to the “who-can-buy-the-most-for-the-cheapest-whether-you-need-it-or-not” holiday and it just doesn’t feel right anymore.  There are so many “things” in my closet that I don’t wear or use.  And if I buy more stuff, it’s just going in some landfill someday.  

So – instead of buying a bunch of stuff…how would you like to spend that money on yourself?  Yep – I’m offeirng a screaming deal for the Black Friday week!  Check it out:

3 sessions of private personal training for only $99!  That’s 65% off the standard price! 



In 3 sessions, you can learn how to increase your balance, learn proper form for your exercises (this helps prevent inury and you get a better workout!), get new ideas for your current program, or simply get a taste of Total Movement Fitness!  There are only 10 offers available so be sure and submit your request to take full advantage!  If you can’t get to the studio being out of state or a little further away from Westminster, that’s ok!! I’ve got an app for that ~ HA! 

Why wait til Friday?  Grab one for yourself and a friend.  Let’s share the gift of health this holiday! 

Let’s Get Moving!