Are you healthy?

Jul 11, 2016

 by Tonya Mecum

Another year just passed.  A birthday was celebrated.  AND…I LOVED EVERY MOMENT!  Two years ago I had made up my mind I would be in the best shape of my life.  I changed my eating habits, I worked out three times a day at least (teaching classes and my own workout), I was surrounded by others as obsessed with fitness as I was.  I had used food as fuel just like I coach my clients.  A few life changes happened and now I am a few pounds heavier. I work out 6-7x week but only 2 or 3 days do I hit it twice.  I’ve been indulging in ice cream – IT’S HOT! I’ve been having more Mexican food than I used to…yum!  The good news is that I can still out train my clients! HA!  


My truth is that I know I am HEALTHY!  I may not be a size 2 or run 5 miles every day.  My midsection is softer than it has been in a while, and that’s OK!  Why?  What about that “Trainer” image?  I’ve learned that being healthy is more than just a body image.  Healthy is about your mind, body, and spirit.  Healthy is how you view the world and how you contribute to it.  Healthy is knowing that you can push yourself a little harder than you use to and still have enough energy to cook dinner and hang with the family.   I came across this article about what a healthy body is all about.  I was inspired.  I want my clients to also understand the difference between healthy and fit.  Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Do you know how much body fat you are holding?  

How much muscle do you have?  What about your flexibility?  

How much cardiovascular endurance or musclular endurance do you have?  

The wonderful thing about the world we live in today is that each person is a different shape or size than the next person.  We have our own unique special features.  We have our own unique beauty.  If we all looked the same – it would be BORING!  Embrace your curves!  Indulge in life’s rare joys.  Appreciate how resilient your body is.  Appreciate how strong you are.  And if you would like some help making improvements, I’m here for you. 

Let’s Get Moving!