Anyone else have the "Travel bug?"

Jul 6, 2016

 by Tonya Mecum

Summer has me dreaming of beaches!  It makes me think of all of the exotic places I’ve traveled to.  In the past, those vacations were scheduled a few months in advance with a group of friends who all had the same desire to relax.  Often, relaxation would include a few cocktails to quiet our minds and get the conversation flowing.  The cocktails would lead to poor food choices – nachos, burgers, fries, and any other fried or butter soaked food we could get our hands on.  We’d head to the dance club to let loose – fresh sunburns on our shoulders.  After dancing the night away, we would often find a late night diner or pizza joint for more beers and food. Sound familiar?

Times have changed!

I’ve been reading and researching several different active vacations!  In fact, now bachelorette parties are all about going to the day spa, getting massages, taking a yoga class, having cleansing smoothies for breakfast, going for an afternoon hike, and meditating before bed.  Doesn’t that sound relaxing?  The first thing I look for in a resort is how big the gym is and if there are any classes offered.  A highschool friend Kimberly and I hit up Tulum last year – while she soaked and swam in the saltwater pool, I hit the weight rack and did my own HIIT workout, and got a few head nods from the trainer in charge at the resort.  YES!  Kimberly and I both had what we needed to enjoy our own way of honoring our body.  After our body work, we hit the beach for some snorkeling and hammock time.  Doesn’t that sound lovely?  If so – check out these  fitness vacation ideas!

Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy my mimosas and marg’s as I soak in the sun and listen to the waves crash.  I always expect that enjoyable experience to be part of my vacation…just not the entire week!

Other ideas:

  1. Get a group together for a 5k or 10k out of town – weekend getaways are fun!  Check out this list of 10k’s 
  2. Head to a Fitness Mecca where you can take new classes you’ve only read about in the magazines – Soul Cycle or Yoga Acrobatics anyone?
  3. Hike and Bike new trails – top 50 bike trails which you can probbaly also hike
  4. Experince the ultimate pampered fitness vacation at an ultra fitness spa – who wants to join me???

Have a group you want to get together for a trip?  I’m available for 4 day trips!  I’ve got a full schedule prepared for morning meditation/stretch, HIIT class, CIZE, and more!  I even have a place in Cabo we can hit up.  Try something new with your crew!  Let’s Get Moving!