A new testimonial for Total Movement Fitness- I'm grateful!

Sep 8, 2017

 by Tonya Mecum

When I decided to become a personal trainer, I knew it was so I could make a difference in someone’s life.  You’ve probably heard my story – previous corporate employee, traveling 2-3 weeks a month.  Going from airport-to-conferenceroom-to-hotel-to-airport-to-wherever.  I felt like a hamster on a wheel going no where.  My pocket book was fat…and so was my waistline.  I was getting grumpy, tired, and had a very hard time finding something to be grateful for.

Fast forward to today.  



I have so much to be grateful for, I don’t understand those who have a hard time finding their own gratitude!  My have times changed!

Today, I am grateful for this amazing woman who has come back in to my life.  I met Bobbie almost a year ago.  An active, strong woman who I simply got a “good vibe” from signed up for one of my challenges.  Her very first workout included 10 burpees for every cardio burst between sets of lifting weights.  She asked outloud, “Do we do this EVERY DAY?” to which Kathleen and I both chuckled.  The truth was NO – of course.  But what a day to walk in for her first workout!  Lo and Behold…Bobbie came back every day.



After a brief break, Bobbie has returned to training with me. I knew my new space would be the spot that gave me more opportunities to help more people!  I love it!  I had a hunch some previous clients would be back.  And to top it off, now they are all getting to know one another – here is where we are creating a community!  

Not only am I grateful for Bobbie trusting me with her fitness goals, but I am also grateful that Bobbie trusts me to work around her injuries while still being pushed.  Yes, that whole Push for Progress thing is something we live by at Total Movement Fitness! Check out Bobbie’s testimonial.  If this seems like the environment that would help you, I invite you to a FREE week of workouts with me.  

My Open House is Saturday Feb 16 @ 1pm – 3pm!  I hope you can make it! 

Let’s Get Moving!